Good day!!

Hello to you all, post my first book I have been looking for something to write about but the inspiration had just not come to me. I recently moved to our new house with my family and I think things might change finally.

New places always bring new energy‘ says the wise old man ( you would know him from my book – truth behind the rainbow ). As most things he says I tend to take a while before they actually seep in. The first few days were chaos as they always are. My husband , my fur baby and I all felt unsettled and bothered. Our perpetually hungry pooch wasn’t eating and that became a cause of grave concern for the both of us.

But just like all other things that are unsettled, get settled in their own due course so did we. Right now I am sitting in my kitchen baking Lasagne with Brando ( fur baby)while he is looking intently at the oven using Jedi mind tricks to get its door to open. Needless to say his appetite has returned, must I say with a bang!

Over the year I have realised that things have a way of sorting themselves out. We all go through times when life and its situations seem out of control, we feel like we are spiralling. That is the time to stop, take a deep breath and tell yourself ‘ This too shall pass.’ It always has and it always will, we just need to let things unfold and allow them to take their shape as they are meant to, without any false sense of control or fear of lost control. I have a feeling that this new beginning will bring to us all new adventurous thoughts which will find their way in words. Inspiration seems to be knocking on the door and I am right there waiting..

God Bless

So be It !

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