Because I’m Happy

This chart being fairly self explanatory quickly tells us one thing.. We surely have control over 40% of our happiness quotient..

We need to take responsibility for that part of ourselves and our lives. Being happy is not something that happens by accident, it is about training the mind to be in a calm state even through tough times so we can sail through difficult situations with ease. I have listed a few quick tips to maintain our HAPPINESS because we and only we ourselves are responsible for that.

  • Be compassionate and helpful. Help others whenever possible it will make you feel good about yourself and help in building your self esteem.
  • Be spiritual. That may mean being religious to some and meditating among plants for others. Do whatever works for you but feel connected to the universe and to nature.
  • Don’t blame anyone for your state of affairs. Take responsibility and make changes where needed. no one owes you anything so no point feeling entitled.
  • Don’t wallow in self pity. If life has dealt you a bad hand, get up dust yourself off and get to work.
  • No two phases of life are the same believe that, if today is a bad day tomorrow will be better. Have an optimistic view about life it makes the mind strong.
  • Have meaningful relationships. Build lasting bonds with people, it keeps us grounded and connected to others. When we are upset or down and out these relationships help us cope.
  • Lastly, and most importantly. Wake up in the morning go to the mirror look at yourself and tell yourself ‘I WILL HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY.’

God bless. So be it!

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