Safety = Consent …

  In light of recent events, I have been avoiding the papers, I read whatever I want to read and glide through the rest, you may wonder why I am choosing to only partially educate myself about the happenings in the world. The reality is that I like many others get distressed when I read about rape, murder, animal abuse and other such disgraceful and pathetic displays of power. As a woman who has spent almost 85% of her life in Delhi NCR since the very beginning I have been schooled by Read more [...]

Because I’m Happy

This chart being fairly self explanatory quickly tells us one thing.. We surely have control over 40% of our happiness quotient.. We need to take responsibility for that part of ourselves and our lives. Being happy is not something that happens by accident, it is about training the mind to be in a calm state even through tough times so we can sail through difficult situations with ease. I have listed a few quick tips to maintain our HAPPINESS because we and only we ourselves are responsible for Read more [...]

The 10 year plan..

"What will you be when you grow up?" A question we all have been asked and we continue the ritual of tormenting children by asking them this question year of year as if hazing them. I was asked and I answered now you shall be asked and you shall oblige. At this moment a child will give you one of the following top ten answers approved by her/his parents. I will get a management degree, I will be a doctor, I will be an engineer blah blah blah. Bottomline these are the professions of winners Read more [...]

The human monkeys !!

I read about a story today which claimed to be an elaboration of an actual experiment. After a few moments on google I realised that no such experiment was ever conducted. However, the story itself made a compelling case. It goes like this - 5 monkeys were put it a room with a bunch of bananas hanging up in the middle of the room and whenever one monkey tried to get the bananas the balance of them were sprayed with ice water. Until a point when the monkeys themselves attacked the one monkey who would Read more [...]

Good day!!

Hello to you all, post my first book I have been looking for something to write about but the inspiration had just not come to me. I recently moved to our new house with my family and I think things might change finally. 'New places always bring new energy' says the wise old man ( you would know him from my book - truth behind the rainbow ). As most things he says I tend to take a while before they actually seep in. The first few days were chaos as they always are. My husband , my fur baby and Read more [...]