• The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday

  • Plans can fail, efforts never will...

  • Judge less, accept more..

Better humans Better lives are concept workshops and holidays

A break where you are given the opportunity to get
in touch with your inner self.

Better humans Better lives are workshops and concept holidays. An attempt where you are given the opportunity to get in touch with your inner self.
We are not god men, we do not claim to work miracles. We only claim one thing, once you have spent some time with us under the guidance of our life coaches you will be able to unlock an inner peace, strength and compassion to live your life the way nature intended.
At home, at work and while socialising we often find ourselves in situations which make us uneasy. We don't know how to conduct ourselves and we don't know how to stop these patterns from repeating. You could be a student, a home maker or a corporate honcho, you go through these situations as do we. The only difference being we have found our answers and now we want to share this knowledge with you. To make a difference to your life you should not need to go to anyone to solve your problems for you, for a while this might seem to work but the solution is always within.
With the techniques discussed by our life coaches you will have a greater understanding towards life, universal laws, laws of money magnetics, conflict resolution, anger management and stress dissolution among many others. An inclusion of spiritual clarity towards life and it's situations is the difference between existing and flourishing.
Our goal is not to make you dependant of us, we want to help you be self reliant and to be able to live to your full potential making you a Better Human With a Better Life...
Senior Life Coach
"Share your knowledge it's the only way to achieve immortality "
Life Coach
"Choose to follow the path less taken, that will make all the difference."
The Signature' Nirvana 'workshops with Dr. Deepak Vaide and Vidhi SinghVaide
The life coaches will be addressing the below mentioned spiritual concerns with examples, explanations and humour.
Duration : 6 hours
Session 1: Led by Dr. Deepak Vaide
  • Universal laws and their importance in our lives
  • Unlearning and reconnecting with our inner self
  • Belief in divine timing
  • Understanding the importance of balance
Guided Meditation: Aura cleansing led by Vidhi Singh Vaide
Lunch break
Session 2 :Led by Dr. Deepak Vaide assisted by Vidhi Singh Vaide
Dealing with Negativity, anger and stress through a case study
  • Tools to deal with negative people and situations
  • How to channelise your anger
  • Understanding the laws of 'money magnetics'
  • Identifying situations that make us loose our inner power and how to conserve it
Guided Meditation : Chakra balancing led by Vidhi Singh Vaide
Tea time : Question and answer session with Dr. Deepak Vaide over a cup of tea
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